Paula Dean – are you serious?

11 Sep

If you want to eat this, be my guest!

Like the NYT link states, “Apply directly to thighs.” Well put.

(Image courtesy of Food

I’m torn. I’m supposed to say, “Ew!!! That is gross! I would never eat something like that! What is Paula Dean thinking?”

On the other hand, if this were in front of me, would I not eat it? Of course I would. The better question is, how long would I pretend to not want it before caving? :) Come on. Don’t kid yourself. I know you’re all thinking the same thing!!

Thanks for the tip, Elastic Waist!

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  • gammypie

    I can’t say that I’d eat this everyday, but I sure would give this a try. It looks damn good!

  • gammypie

    Have you tried it?

  • ambitious

    I have not…. but…. maybe one day :) hahaha.

  • Tina

    I am ashamed to say that I would totally eat that, but I would do it secretly and in total privacy, possibly under the stairs where nobody could see me and I could lick my lips without public shame.

    That said, did she really make this for a “Ladies Lunch”? I mean…..REALLY?!

  • foodhist

    i’d eat this for breakfast everyday and twice on sundays.

  • Jeano

    i would make my husband get it and keep taking bites from him! haha

  • Leigh

    I went into cardiac arrest just looking at it.

  • E


  • E

    And wut is up with this nasty icon that they give u on this site. Aishhhhhhh

  • ambitious

    I dunno how to fix it, E! HAHAHHA.