Foodbuzz 24X24 Banh Mi Party

23 Jun

For those of you who might not be familiar, Foodbuzz is a blogging community that brings food lovers together.  24×24 showcases posts from 24 Foodbuzz bloggers, highlighting unique meals occurring around the globe during a 24-hour period, hence the name. I’ve always wanted to throw a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich party, so I happily planned a menu and got to work.

banh mi party menu

I printed out the menus and arranged the food so that each guest could make his/her own banh mi sandwich, along with some chips on the side.

la boulangerie

You can have the tastiest fillings but on a banh mi sandwich, bread can make all the difference in the world. I went to La Boulangerie in Forest Hills for their baguettes, which are freshly made inside the shop throughout the day. The outside was crusty and the inside was perfectly chewy, which is the perfect combination!

radish, jalapeno, cilantro, carrot, cucumber

We had pickled radish, pickled carrot, fresh cilantro, sliced cucumber and sliced jalapenos. I used the vinegar and sugar method to pickle the vegetables the  night before.

vietnamese caramelized pork belly

See the Vietnamese caramelized pork belly I blogged about previously? This time, I used 3″ thick cut pork belly and then sliced it later, which was a wise decision. The pork fat had reduced in its own juices and each piece was golden and buttery, melting in your mouth.

summer rolls

I made summer rolls with sliced cucumber, avocado and frozen crab meat as a side dish. Since I’m a sauce lover, I had to add the sauces: fish sauce, peanut sauce, sriracha, hoisin, along with mayo for people to use on their food.

Here’s a photo of Dan, Sam, Sharon, Cindy, and Sara, all enjoying their sandwiches.

spicy pork

Here is the dweji bulgogi (spicy korean pork) that Dan made on the grill. It was sweet and spicy – with the right amount of smoked goodness (aka charcoal flavor).

pork liver pate

What’s a banh mi party without some pork liver pate?

banh mi party- ambitious deliciousness

Thai spiced tofu was made with some Thai curry paste, fish sauce and sugar. I was worried that the flavors would be too strong but I’m glad I was wrong. It was a great way to mix up my tofu repertoire, as I always end up pairing tofu with soy sauce.

This doesn’t look very tasty, but it was one of the most moist and flavorful chicken dishes I’ve ever made. I will see if I can do a post about it later.


A bulgogi banh mi sandwich looking goood.

spicy pork and pork belly

I think it was Sara’s idea – so clever! Here is a spicy pork and pork belly sandwich – half and half.

soft shell crab banh mi

Soft-shell crab, battered and fried, with all the fixin’s. Get in my belly!

spicy pork banh mi

Another delicious spicy pork sandwich!

A little later, we had the pleasure of having cutie Noah and Lydia around, along with their parents, Julienne and Elliot.

Though we tried to pick a favorite flavor combination, it was a tough choice. Each person had a favorite and I think the pork belly was the clear winner, followed by the curry chicken. It was a great evening filled with delicious sandwiches and fun times with friends. Thanks to Foodbuzz for giving us a chance to host this dinner party!

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  • Hungry

    This sounds like an awesome party! Btw, I love that serving bowl with all the pickled veggies.

  • http://​crazyfoodiestunts.blo​ DB-The Foodie Stuntman

    Looks like everyone had fun. Congratulations for being selected to host a foodbuzz 24X24 party!

  • Jacky

    Yum yum, looks awesome.  Great job on the 24×24!

  • Sharon @ Red Poppy| Pink Peony

    Congrats again on getting chosen to showcase your cooking and party, and thanks for having us! I got out of work early today and Sam’s still studying so I’m finally taking a moment to catch up on my blog reading!

  • Chubby Chinese Girl

    Awesome!!!! I love the idea… looks good =)