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    Hello World

    30 Sep

    I know many of you have been wondering where the heck I disappeared to. I honestly have no idea!

    After 5 years of blogging, my passion for cooking is unwavering. However, I have found myself forgetting to take pictures and then ending up with a quick upload to Instagram and calling it a day. I have been thinking a lot about the direction of this blog and how I want to move forward. I want to apologize for leaving you hanging – I think this was the longest unofficial break I ever took from the site.

    And now, for the big news – I’m currently 6 months pregnant with a baby girl! I wish I could say that my lack of blogging came from nausea or morning sickness, but that would be a complete lie. My husband and I are excited, nervous, anxious but also overjoyed! :) I’m feeling good and just trying to get things in order before she arrives.


    Needless to say, my life will change drastically, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be in complete silence forever. Please bear with me as I try to figure out how I want to proceed.

    Thank you for reading!

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    • Christina Provo

      Congratulations on the wonderful news! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well.

    • TT


      Are you going to become a mommy blogger now? :)

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      Thanks, TT! I haven’t thought that far ahead…lol.

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      Thanks, Christina! I will continue to read your delicious posts! :D

    • sharonredpoppypinkpeony

      Yay! But I miss your blog posts!

    • cate songbird

      I hope you find renewed vision for your site! I can’t believe you’re at 6 mo already!

    • Michelle @ Taste As You Go

      Congratulations!! Omigosh, I’m so excited for you!

    • Hungry

      Congrats! Wishing you a very happy and healthy baby girl.

    • Sarah aka hungry

      Congrats! I’m a reader of your site. I recently had a baby boy. Very excited for you!

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      aw! I will try again soon. :)

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      thanks, cate!! I will miss your comments :(

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      Thanks so much, Michelle!

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      Thanks, Hungry! I will continue to read your posts. :)

    • Esther @ambitiousdelish

      Thanks so much, Sarah! Congratulations on your baby boy!

    • carolynjung

      Congrats! And I think you have every reason in a world as such to forget about taking food photos at times. Heck, you have way more important things to think about now. ;)

    • Jessica Martinez

      Hi Esther, I don’t think you will remember me but I used to work at Rubenstein in 2011 and moved back to DC 6 months later. Anyway, I keep up with your blog from time to time and today, while looking for recipes, I decided to visit your site and what a pleasant surprise to know you’re pregnant :) Congratulations! Glad to know life is going well!! :)


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